So I thought it was about time to I added a short About Me page after receiving some fairly interesting emails asking if I am a personal injury solicitor. No, no I’m not. The following will help to explain why I started this blog.

After receiving a rather nasty injury to my spine from tripping over some carelessly discarded packing boxes at my place of work several years ago I was advised by a friend to put in a claim for compensation. Several months after receiving excellent care from the NHS and some rather enduring sessions of physiotherapy I decided to look into what was actually involved in making a claim for compensation. I’m one of those people that doesn’t really like to make a fuss and didn’t want to get my employers into too much trouble, lol.

Long story short I found a very intelligent and personable solicitor in the town I live who assured me I had nothing to worry about concerning my employers and who I was more than happy with to take on my claim. As I was still off sick from work I was quite intrigued by how involved the process is of making what I thought would be a simple claim. Something that my solicitor told me was fascinating to me. I couldn’t believe that a lot of people that have no previous knowledge of personal injury law actually file these accident claims themselves, and some are successful.

After several months off from work I eventually was fit and healthy enough to return back. Unfortunately due to other reasons most of the workers hours had been cut and I was informed mine would be also. Thankfully I was looking at going into semi-retirement anyhow so it just made the decision a non decision. Now I had some extra spare time on my hands i decided to research personal injury law. I’d like to reiterate I am not a lawyer or solicitor or have any legal qualifications at all, but writing this blog helps to make the research that I’ve done and what I’ve learned, kind of make complete sense. I could have wrote what I’ve learned down on plain paper but decided to do this because maybe it helps by linking out to the useful sites I’ve visited along the way but more than that it might help others who are looking for basic information rather than all the legal mumbo jumbo.

And so in a nut shell, there we have it. Enjoy.