Cosmetic Surgery

When you go under the knife for any elective surgery such as cosmetic surgery, you expect to see positive results at the end of it, however if the correct processes and procedures are not followed by the medical staff, then you put yourself at risk of serious health consequences. Botched surgery can result in physical scars, mental trauma, disease, infection, paralysis and even death.

Can I make a claim for cosmetic surgery?

If you want to make a claim for compensation, you must be able to prove that your physical or emotional problems came about as a result of negligence on the part of the medical team who performed your cosmetic surgery. You cannot make a claim if you are simply unhappy with the cosmetic outcome of the procedure.

If you talk through your issues with a legal professional such as a lawyer or solicitor, they should be able to help to establish whether you have a valid claim.

What could I be compensated for?

When calculating how much compensation you should be entitled to receive, your claims assessor will consider a number of different factors. You can receive money for both your physical injuries and any psychological scars that you are left with following the procedure. Some victims of botched cosmetic surgery suffer mental trauma following their procedure which is so severe that is can seriously affect their quality of life.

If you are forced to pay to have any mistakes rectified, then this will also be considered as part of your claim. Cost of additional medical care should also be covered. Some people are also forced to take time off of work because of their cosmetic surgery. Elective surgery is rarely covered by employer sick pay, and if you are forced to take extra time off to recover from a botched procedure, this can result in serious loss of earnings. If you have suffered financially in this way, a good lawyer will try to help you to recuperate your losses.

Why should I use a specialist cosmetic surgery claims lawyer?

When many people choose to have elective surgery, they are asked to sign a form declaring that they understand and accept the risks associated with having the procedure. Surgeons are legally bound to explain the risks associated with surgery, and then give patients a chance to consider these risks before asking them to commit to anything. A failure to do this can constitute a breach of care, and may help you with your claim. Signing these forms does not automatically remove your rights to claiming for cosmetic surgery gone wrong, however choosing to make a claim with the assistance of an expert can help you to make sure that you win your case.

Making medical claims can be slightly different from making other civil claims, and these lawyers and claims assessors are in a better position to understand the nuances of medical cases. If you want to receive the maximum award, always discuss your case with a competent cosmetic surgery claims specialist.

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