Injured In A Factory

If you work in a factory then you will be aware that this setting can carry certain risks. However, just because you work in a factory, it does not mean that you should just accept it if you are injured in the workplace.

If you must work in an area where risks or hazards are present, then your employer should take steps to attempt to reduce the risk to a minimum level, or in a perfect world remove the risk completely. If you have been injured in a factory setting, and the injury was not your fault, then you may be interested in claiming for a factory injury. Speaking to a personal injury solicitor to see if your injury is something that you may be eligible to make a claim for is the best place to start.

What accidents can happen in a factory setting?

Because there are a lot of potentially hazardous things in a factory setting, a lot of different injuries can possibly occur there. It is the responsibility of employers to do full health and safety risk assessments, and then take action based on the identified risks. If they fail to do this, many different types of accidents could occur.

Here are some of the main types of accident which occur in the workplace, leading to people claiming for a factory injury.

Lifting Heavy Objects

If you have been instructed to lift an object which is too heavy for you, you could end up with back, shoulder, neck, leg and arm injuries. Even if you think that you are capable of lifting the weight that you are being asked to lift, you can end up getting injuries later on, due to repeated lifting.

Your employer should have strict weight limits on what can be lifted. They should also provide you with training to ensure that you are lifting in the correct way to avoid strain injuries.

Dangerous Machinery Incidents

Factory machinery can cause serious injury to handlers or to others in the factory if it is not used correctly. All machine handlers should be given comprehensive training in how to use machinery. It is also important that machinery is regularly maintained, as machinery which has not been serviced can malfunction more easily and cause harm to those using it. If your workplace is operating dangerous machinery without necessary safety features, they are putting lives at risk.

More can be found on dangerous machinery injuries in this post.

Slips, trips and falls

Debris and spillages on the factory floor can cause slips, trips and falls, which cause arm, leg, ankle, neck and back injuries to people. Employers should have systems in place to ensure that the floor is kept clean at all times to prevent these accidents from occurring.

Industrial diseases

If you have developed an industrial disease due to your work in a factory setting, you can still try claiming for a factory injury, because the illness is directly related to your employment. Breathing problems are common, (due to the fumes which can be inhaled regularly) if face masks are not provided. There are also countless cases of people suffering from asbestos-related injuries after spending time working with this harmful substance.

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