Dangerous Machinery Injuries

There are many jobs in the United Kingdom which require the use of heavy machinery. Whilst this machinery can be cost-cutting and labour saving when it is working properly, if this machinery in misused, not maintained properly or not securely stored, then it can cause serious injury to people.

If you have suffered an injury which has been caused by a piece of machinery in your workplace, then you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. In order to maximise your chances of securing the amount of compensation which you deserve, get in contact with a personal injury solicitor (preferably one who specialises in such claims but not necessarily essential) to discuss the details of your case.

Responsibilities in the Workplace

Every employer has a duty of care towards the people that they employ, whether those people are full-time workers, part-time workers or casual workers. When any new workers are employed, that employer must take the time to familiarise them with the health and safety procedures at that specific workplace.

Each workplace may have its own specific protocol, so it is important that all workers have this initiation. As part of an employer’s responsibilities, they must provide all workers with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their roles, they must ensure that only trained personnel operate machinery that call for it and they must take steps to ensure that all machinery is properly maintained and suitable for the purpose which it is intended for.

When an employer provides PPE equipment for their workers, the employer should also take care to make sure that this equipment fits correctly, as ill-fitting safety clothes can be a danger in themselves around certain pieces of machinery. Every worker must be given appropriate training (and refresher training if needed) on how to use specialist machinery, and they must not be allowed to use any specialist machinery that they have not had full training on.

If an employer fails in any of these responsibilities, they may be considered to have been negligent. Serious injuries or accidents can occur in workplaces where the correct health and safety measures have not been taken.

Dangerous machinery injuries

Dangerous machinery injury claims are lodged in the United Kingdom every year as workers seek damages for injuries which happen in the workplace. The majority of these claims are related to hand and finger injuries, which have occurred due to the incorrect use of machinery. In many instances, machines have become jammed due to incorrect use and the victim of the accident has sustained an injury whilst trying to address the problem. These injuries are often caused by incorrect training and poor machine maintenance.

Other common injuries which are associated with dangerous machine use include those which are caused by not wearing the correct PPE. Failing to wear protective glasses can result in serious eye injuries or even blindness if materials or items are thrown out by fast moving machinery and make contact with the eyes. Failure to wear the correct eyewear can also allow irritants to enter the eyes which can cause serious distractions to the user of the machinery, and may cause another form of accident.

The threat of crushing is also a real danger when using heavy pieces of machinery with large moving parts. These injuries can be completely life-changing; however they are totally avoidable in most cases. Proper training, proper safety equipment and proper machine maintenance can prevent these injuries from occurring.

Why you should make  a dangerous machinery injury claim

A successful claim for compensation will usually cover much more than the pain and suffering which you have experienced as a result of your accident. A good injury solicitor will also be able to help you to recover any loss of earnings which occurred because of the accident. Your compensation should also be able to help you to cover the cost of any out of pocket medical expenses or future care which you require following the incident.

If your quality of life has been affected by a serious accident whilst using dangerous machinery in the workplace, then you are entitled by law to make a claim for compensation to attempt to redress the issue. Any compensation which you receive can be put towards helping to restore your former standard of living.

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